European Self-Sovereign Identity


Welcome to the provisional website of the “European Self-Sovereign Identity” project. This project is an initiative of the Foundation for Open Software Development.

European Identity is a hot topic in the European Union, both in society and within European politics. However, we regret that this debate of too often limited on nationality and the physical documents we hold.

We believe that the time is ready to move identity beyond our nationalities and physical documents we hold, but that a true European Identity is an identity which uses 21 century technology, such as block chain to take away identity related burdens to people and businesses. Hence, a true European Identity is self-sovereign identity.

The goal of the project is to be an open community to involve all stakeholders and interested parties to research and form usable proposals to create a 21st century European Identity.

What is Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity or SSI is an identity which is owned for 100% by an individual or an entity which enabled trusted interactions between individuals, institutions and businesses.

Nobody can read, use, turn off or take away this identity without the owner’s consent. This form of identity is secure, private and portable.


Blockchain is a proven technology. It’s immutable, nobody owns it, yet anyone can use it. That concept offers many possibilities to use in combination with identity. The blockchain can be used for verification of public parts of identities, while private data stay off-ledger.


It’s obvious that such a blockchain based European self-sovereign identity network should never be based on propriety software, neither should it be owned by a single party. Instead it should be an open initiative of all stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, civil organizations and governments.

And that is exactly what we want to reach with this initiative.

What to expect?

This is a provisional website, as the initiative is in a very early stage. Are you interested in being a pioneer for European Self-Sovereign Identity then please contact us.